Successful Conclusion!CST Application Software Training Course

SIMULIA CST Electromagnetic Simulation Application Training Course

The CST Application Software Training Course organized by Atenlab aimed to provide students with an in-depth understanding and mastery of CST software. The course content included theoretical foundations, software operation skills, and practical case analyses. The instructors for the course were experts in the CST field, and they shared their wealth of knowledge and experience, igniting the students’ enthusiasm for learning.

“During the course, students from National Taiwan University and Chung Yuan Christian University actively participated, asking questions and engaging in in-depth discussions on topics related to electromagnetic field simulation. They not only learned how to use CST software to solve real-world problems but also gained a deep understanding of the core principles of electromagnetic field simulation. This proactive involvement not only enriched their knowledge but also broadened their thinking, instilling them with greater confidence to face future challenges.

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