Taiwan Electromagnetic Industry-Academia Consortium 2022

Taiwan Electromagnetic Industry-University Alliance 2022 R&D Semi-Annual Report – has been successfully concluded on November 25 at Longhua University of Science and Technology!

At this exhibition, the participating manufacturers and students were very enthusiastic and made many professional and groundbreaking speeches on “High-speed Transmission Interface Design and Testing”. Atenlab Technology actually displayed the company’s product R class -R2, together with Maxwell 5 developed by Atenlab Technology, for the participants to demonstrate and detailed function display, for the future high-frequency block testing, give a very professional and market-friendly explanation

As 5G becomes a new generation of communication standards, in response to the huge amount of 5G data and high-speed transmission processing needs, coupled with the fact that long-distance communication is now the new normal in the workplace, students’ learning and life, it is necessary to rely on the performance of high-speed transmission chips, and various types of transmission interface technologies are also evolving towards higher performance specifications, and industry-related technical talents are in high demand.

This exhibition has been successfully concluded on November 25, 2022 at Longhua University of Science and Technology, if you have any more information about the Atenlab products, please call us, or leave a message on the website “About Us” to inquire!

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