OTA system architecture
A holistic OTA measurement systems

Atenlab  provide customized  services. Since 2004,  Atenlab has developed four major categories of OTA measurement systems to meet various requirements - A2 light type, A3 compact type, A6 standard type and A8 professional type. OTA measurement system is in widely used in  communication and devices manufacturing industry, With the advancement of the OTA measurement system, customers are able to perform more comprehensive measurement and test, staying ahead in the market. 



OTA system comparisons
A Series products, providing a wide-range coverage of your needs.

A2-Light type - space-saving design
A3-compensate both accuracy and space-saving concept.
A6-OTA measurement system able to perform most of the functional tests.
A8-Optimum quiet zone performance, the LTE MIMO Single Cluster testing functions can be upgraded in future.

The major measurement software of OTA system
Operations with one touch、Supports multiple systems supports 2G, 3G and 4G、Supports major measuring instrument brands

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